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Objective                To obtain a position utilizing my skills in management, science and engineering.


Education            Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, Atlanta, GA                     ??????

                            Doctorate of Philosophy, Biomedical Engineering                                                            GPA: 4.0/4.0

                            Minor: ?????


                            Georgia Institute of Technology, Dupree College of Management, Atlanta, GA   ???????

                            Masters of Business Administration

                            Concentration: ?????


                            Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, LA                 

    Bachelor of Science, Biological Engineering                                                                    May 2003                           

    Minors: Chemistry and Biology                                                                                       GPA: 4.0/4.0


Skills            Communications

·        Composed grant to LSU Biotechnology Education for Students and Teachers (BEST) program (received $7000) for developing automated micro fluid delivery system and LSU Ag Center (received $1500) for developing Java program to analyze DNA molecular beacon structures

·        Collaborated in numerous design teams for engineering and technical writing class projects

·        Composed articles for Adult Literacy Advocates of Baton Rouge newsletter and gave presentation to Director of Adult Literacy Advocates and members of Service Learning staff

·        Gave presentations to faculty of Biological Engineering department and invited guests explaining various projects, including design of automated micro fluid delivery system.


Computer Technology

·        Developed BeaconGENEsis, a Java program used to analyze molecular beacon DNA strands to determine best possible sequence

·        Developed PBASIC program to control automated micro fluid delivery system

·        Prepared presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint

·        Composed web pages using Microsoft FrontPage

·        Designed newsletter using Microsoft Publisher

·        Drafted design drawings using AutoCAD 2002

·        Performed engineering analysis using FEMLab, Nastran, STELLA, SuperPro Designer 4.7, 2D/3D Static Strength Prediction Program, Mannequin Analysis Software

·        Analyzed EMG data using Bioware software

·        Created scientific papers using Microsoft Word and Excel


·        Managed budgets for $2400 and $1500 research projects and the Biological Engineering Student Organization

·        Managed TaeKwonDo school branch at Runnels School and taught all classes

·        Worked with students and faculty to organize student/faculty events for the biological engineering department

·        Scheduled, organized and coordinated fundraiser, which grossed $6000

·        Interacted with businesspeople and obtained supplies for fundraiser and research projects



                  Research Associate. Biomedical Engineering (LSU). Baton Rouge, LA                         Summer 2003

                        Designed and tested protocols and devices for both experimental and computational 

                        cellular engineering research. Optimized and performed molecular biology assays, 

                        general chemical reagent preparation, and instrumentation setup and maintenance. 

                        Installed software and hardware, designed algorithms and computer programs, and 

                        reported results through text and graphical documentation.


                  Student Researcher. LSU BEST Biotechnology Research Grant                                    2002 — 2003

Developed idea for an automated fluid delivery system for bioengineering 

applications. Constructed and tested the system and created PBASIC program

for BASIC STAMP micro-controller to operate the system.              


      Student Worker. LSU Biomedical Engineering. Baton Rouge, LA                                  2002 — 2003   

Created Java program to properly design molecular beacon probes and analyzed 

probe sequence using fluorescence spectroscopy.  Developed and constructed 

cellular engineering lab with mammalian cell culture room.                 


                  Student Researcher. LSU Ecological Infrastructure Lab, Baton Rouge, LA                   1999 — 2002

Researched water quality of recirculating aquaculture system during redfish

spawning cycle.


      Manager and TaeKwonDo Instructor. Runnels School. Baton Rouge, LA                      1995 — 1999

                        Managed student list, collected payments, prepared tournament and testing

documents and instructed classes.



·        Summa Cum Laude from Louisiana State University

·        Delivered Valedictory for College of Engineering graduation ceremony, May 2003

·        University Medal from Louisiana State University

·        Edward McLaughlin Dean's Medal for Excellence

·        LSU BEST Biotechnology Research Grant Recipient

·        LSU Ag Center Grant Recipient

·        LSU Alumni Top 100 Scholarship

·        Chancellor’s Scholars Engaged in Undergraduate Research Program

·        Louisiana Tuition Opportunity Program for Students Honors Scholarship

·        Carl H. Thomas Memorial Scholarship

·        Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Senior Award, 2003

·        University College Academic Distinction Award

·        Teagle Foundation Scholarship

·        Dean’s List, all semesters

·        Chancellor’s Honor Roll, all semesters

·        President, Biological Engineering Student Organization

·        Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society

·        Golden Key International Honor Society